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The Revolutionary Society for the Advancement of Sauna (Revolutionära Bastufrämjandet) (2020- ongoing)

The Revolutionary Society for the Advancement of Sauna is a relational artwork and a nomadic, hedonistic and utopistic institution. Its main venue is a self-built portable tent sauna, that can be put up anywhere to create a physical and mental space where new futures can be imagined collectively.

The institution was established in Oslo in 2020 by artists Emil Andersson, Helle Lindskog and Mattias Hellberg. We create small and large situations in and around the sauna, in public space, in nature, in peoples gardens etc. Together we are working for the radicalization of art, culture, humanity and life itself through the bringing together of people in heat, sweat, joy and bodily pleasure.

Bellydance festival, Berlevåg (Norway), 9 september 2022

An Arboric Tripp, Glada Sprutan, Stockholm (Sweden), 24 july 2021

One day event arranged in collaboration with the studio collective Glada Sprutan in Hägersten, Stockholm. Other invited artists were: Konrad Lidén, Leonie Dahlström, Elsa Essinger, David Hammarberg, Sahar Al Khateeb and Boy Cave.

Kollektivet Nästet, Uppsala (Sweden), 31 july 2021

Sauna following a fleemarket arranged in the garden of the commune Nästet.

Fire Starter, Myreløkka park, Oslo (Norway), 16 december 2020

Drinks, food and music in a public park in Oslo.


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