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the Notebook-project (2022- ongoing)

The notebooks are part of invitations to artists to think and work together. They are somewhere between part and whole, art piece and remnants of process. They stand on their own, but are also purposefully used to take further steps, creating situations and conversations. With the notebook-project I examine both the publication and publishing itself as artistic means.

The notebooks are released on de Berna Press, a small, artist-run press. Started by me in 2022 and located in Sweden/Norway, with an emphasis on writing and text works by visual artists.

The web page of de Berna Press can be found here: debernapress.com

A list of what happened during the event

-emil and laurel arrived at kimbo at 23h
-emil came from another event
-laurel brought books, bank, and objects
-emil and laurel were the first patrons at kimbo
-emil put music on with his phone
-the lighting was red
-we sat in the corner booth
-a birthday party showed up
-the birthday party wanted to share the music
-attendees trickled in and bought books
-emil was brought the nepalese food he'd ordered at a restaurant but didn't get before he had to leave for kimbo
-kimbo got packed
-we cheersed with amêndoa amarga com limão with who was there early
-it was very warm
-we took over one corner of kimbo and then shifted to the other
-people sang along to english-language songs
-there were different levels of sobriety
-people talked and danced
-people smoked inside
-the walls had mirrors
-some of us talked to strangers
-people opened their book as soon as they bought it
-people either bought the book and left or stayed until kimbo closed
-at one point we were all chanting "change the song" when a stranger started the chant
-the feelings were buoyant
-sometimes the music stopped
-when we all left kimbo ricard shook a beer at us and the owner came out and was angry
-miglė couldn't get internet access
-tjelle's phone was broken
-emil and laurel walked home
-emil pointed out a volvo 240 on the walk home
-everything smelled like cigarette smoke

A list of facts about the event

Place: Kimbo, Rua Heliodoro Salgado 24C, 1170-174 Lisbon, Portugal
Date: Friday, July 15th, 2022
Time: 23h30- 3h30?
Amount of guests: around 20 for our release/around 60? at the bar
Food served: Emil was supposed to buy chips, but got drunk and excited and forgot
Drinks served: Amêndoa amarga com limão as welcome drink. Beers, wine, liquor in the bar
Hours spent there: around four
Others involved: the bartender (unknowingly)

A list of what happened during the event

- Emil and Astrid meet up one hour in advance.
- Emil and Astrid buy a snack and french fries for the event at Burger king
- A gull attacks Astrid and steals the last part of her burger
- Emil and Astrid wear matching white caps with bird emblems
- People arrive at the tiger
- It starts to rain
- We all take cover under a parasoll at a bar
- The waitress close the parasoll
- We run into the station building
- We wait a little
- We decide to take an alternative route through the station building
- We exit the station on the other side
- The rain returns
- We decide to go straight to the last stop of the walk
- We arrive at platform 3-4
- We spread out a blanket
- We serve coffee
- We eat muffins
- We explain the route of the event to the participants, what would have happened if it did not rain
- We mingle

A list of facts about the event

Place: Jernbanetorget/Oslo S. Starting by the tiger, ending at platform 3-4
Date: 27 aug 2023
Time: 15h-16.30h
Amount of guests: 9
Food served: muffins
Drinks served: coffee
Hours spent there: 1,5h
Others involved: none


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